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I would have Michel Gondry and Edgar Wright co-direct the movie of my life.



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If you blame Native American communities for their poverty, remember that the entire continent was stolen from them.
If you blame Black American communities for their relative poverty, remember that Black Americans were stolen from a continent, trafficked, and enslaved for nearly 300 years.
Tell me again about how your family ‘started from nothing’ when they immigrated. Didn’t they start from whiteness? Seems like a pretty good start.
The American Dream required dual genocides, but tell me again about fairness and equal opportunity. Tell me about democracy, modeled after the Iroquois Confederacy. Tell me your proud heritage, and I will show you the violence that made it so.
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a blank space: Sitting in a room filled with upper middle calls white dominance...

Sitting in a room filled with upper middle class white dominance offering me free food and a discussion on the meaning of life as long as I can stand here to hear their pleas for me to join the flock, the herd, the cult of Christianity. The type of Christianity I have avoided and experienced many times over, this exact night at a different place with disposable faces that never made a lasting impression of positivity.

As I walked I to the room to groups of pale distant smiling faces danced around me with name tags and sign up forms, the ancient signs of acceptance no doubt. Their inquisitive white eyes looking me up and down no doubt wondering what might have inspired my retracted carefully stepping self to walk into this room tonight.

They offer up condolences of small talk about the dinners we are all eating inviting forward information of how there was so much left over that last week they had to give it all away. At this moment I can’t help but wonder, who was so deserving of this over abundance of food? Could it have been the hundreds, or probable thousands of homeless just in a 5 mile radius? Could it have been donated to Food Not Bombs?
Asking myself these questions I am sinking with the feeling that the most common result of this scenario is them all bringing the excess home for themselves.
After all, how many homeless people would be able to fill out a sign up form? It might be a bit hard to reach them, so I guess that’s not what they meant by “outreach.”

A video plays on the projector of the speaker out at Lake Eola in Ray Ban sunglasses asking passers by if they knew who Jesus is(was) making light of their opinions and education to make such a futile point so far from the hypothetical moral of the story.
The entire discussion can be summed up as a case study to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person named Jesus existed.
I am realizing now as the discussion drones on to show images only pale white faces and bodies in accordance with the proof brought about in this “investigation.”

Why is it more important to prove that Jesus was human than it is to talk about his rampant anti-capitalism and revolutionary idea of just BEING NICE TO PEOPLE?

Surely that would be a discussion I could see myself participating in.
Surely that could be more important than discussing Jesus’s “popularity” in a supposed time and place credited entirely by white men.
I wonder if ancient Egyptians debated this regularly about proving the existence of Horus…

Sitting here my only question is, why isn’t kindness and love enough? Why isn’t the truth of universe enough for these people? Why does the speaker tell me that he would have taken his own life without “Jesus”? Why is inner happiness such a hard thing to find and accept? When the discussion is all about “finding the truth” why is the truth of the hatred and suffering in the world not met with understanding and kindness and love as the answer but is instead met with “TO BE HAPPY YOU NEED CHRIST”? As much as I have ever learned, more than I ever asked, about this supposed person named “Jesus,” that would not be the answer. Logically that makes no sense. I also wonder if “Jesus” would have entire group of methodic pale faced people discuss his life and enjoy free food when their is plenty on their table at home. My impression of this “Jesus” character is that he’d probably be out somewhere on Colonial talking to one of the countless homeless people existing in a city where it is illegal to sleep, and giving THEM food, doing some actual outreach, without fear and only with love.
That’s what “Jesus” had that nobody else did, he did not have any fear of any other people. He lived without fear and only with love. And that to me is the mark of a great life.
That is what should be bludgeoned into people’s minds all over the world. Live without fear, hate and greed and only with love. Live only with love.
In my experience, those who truly live only with love to give and be received are the happiest people in the world.

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